About Autism Behavior Consultants

Building Possibilities for the Future

Autism Behavior Consultants (ABC) specializes in the treatment of autism spectrum disorder and related developmental disorders. At ABC, we utilize evidence-based applications of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to address deficit skills (e.g. adaptive, play, social) and behavioral excesses (e.g. tantrum, eloping/fleeing) to improve the quality of life of the child and family. ABC collaborates with families to create a well-rounded, individualized treatment plan that targets behaviors that are of the highest priority, and provides training and support to parents and caregivers.

ABC considers every child uniquely individual with different needs and abilities. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts design a tailored program addressing specific strengths and weaknesses in the areas of language, communication, play and socialization, daily living, and academic skills.

Our philosophy emphasizes positive reinforcement while taking a proactive approach to addressing behaviors. We strive to improve the quality of life for every child and family.



If you have a child with autism spectrum disorder or a related disorder, and are interested in receiving Applied Behavior Analysis services, fill out the inquiry form.



The mission of Autism Behavior Consultants is to provide effective behavior analytic treatment for individuals and their families impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder and other related conditions. To achieve this, we are dedicated to tailoring a program that supports the unique needs of each individual by working together with the families that we serve. We are committed to using methods that are empirically driven to provide ethical and responsible treatment programs to build endless possibilities for the future.


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In 2001, Autism Behavior Consultants (ABC) was founded by Laura (Roberts) Haneline and has been providing behavior intervention to families in the Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, Inland and Orange counties. Laura has taken advocacy to the next step, by becoming one of the founding board members of LA FEAT. Having previously held the position of co-founding member of the South Bay GFCF group, which is now the South Bay chapter of TACA (Talk About Curing Autism), as well as a past board member of the Autism Society of Los Angeles.

In 1998, Laura’s son "Nicky," at the age of 3, was diagnosed with autism. Due to few agency options and long wait lists in the area, Laura was unable to find a clinic based program for her son. With limited options, Laura and several other parents developed a workshop model program that ultimately formed Autism Behavior Consultants.